General renovation

  • sandblasting of walls

  • placing or restoring storm planks and scraps

  • renovation of classified houses

  • renovation of windows and doors

  • mossing of roofs and treat with color or varnish

Some of our projects

all types of renovation

Bathroom with two tints of mosaic in Overijse2017-12-04T13:28:21+01:00
Cleaning and coloring of a pans roof in Overijse2017-12-04T14:48:17+01:00
Cleaning and coloring of a slaty roof in Overijse2017-12-04T17:15:49+01:00
Renovation of a lowered ceiling in Overijse2017-12-04T14:58:12+01:00
Renovation of garden shed at Overijse2017-12-04T17:19:29+01:00