Restoration and renovation of furniture

Would you like to refresh your furniture or restore damaged furniture ?

You found the right place !

Restoration of furniture

  • decaping, varnishes, lacquering, polishing, sanding, bees polishing, french polishing, wood pickling
  • replace pieces affected by woodworm
  • dents or holes from tablet pouring out or filling up
  • broken or fragmented table or legs or chair legs strengthen with spindle or metal pieces
  • replace ornaments or missing ornaments
  • released veneer or marqueterie restore or replace
  • old locks or lock plates restore,missing keys make or to adjust

Furniture renovation

  • sandblasting or wet sandblasting
  • doors, steps, old beams, metals, stones
  • patinating of cabinets, chairs, tables in the desired color or patin
  • aging of existing or modern furniture

Some examples

Your furniture again as new !

Dresser in oak with a peacock motif in Bierbeek2017-12-04T17:19:44+01:00
Upholstering of hairdressing chair in Leuven2017-12-04T13:39:38+01:00
Sandblasting and bleaching of a dresser School Tervuren2017-12-04T15:05:37+01:00
Sandblasting of school bank in Leuven2017-12-04T12:59:59+01:00